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Tingtun Accessibility Checkers can uncover barriers in web content for people with disabilities on websites and in PDF documents. You can use the online tools provided for demonstration to create reports on the barriers found. The benchmarking service can give an overview of barriers on lists of websites. To explore one site in more detail we can also provide a manual evaluation service.

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Terminology is crucial to convey precise information in any field. Tingtun Termer gives immediate access to the relevant meaning of concepts for a given topic. The tool can also be used to lookup translations from foreign languages or to access general dictionaries.

Termer comes as an app, a website service and as a browser extension. The tool is designed to be accessible for all (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C), preserve privacy (GDPR), and to meet the requirements from the European Web accessibility Directive.

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The MiniPC solution is an easy to use option to enable more people to go online. The main idea is to configure a low cost single board PC to support a user to participate in social networks, watch video and other online activities.

The solution is designed for ease of use, and to protect users privacy. The MiniPCs support green computing with a low power consumption and the ability to reuse old keyboards, power supplies and computer screens.

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“The State of Qatar has been using the checker tool since 2013. The tool is invaluable for monitoring web accessibility compliance and its ability to run benchmark analysis of websites in different sectors.“

Mike Park Mada, Qatar

“I use the PDF checker from Tingtun regularly to support my clients in their work to achieve more accessible web solutions.”

Egil Jacobsen Aletheia Kommunikasjon


Testfest - users and service owners remove online barriers together, 2024

We combine a feedback mechanism with a method to organise testing together with users with disabilities to uncover and record accessibility barriers. The approach has already contributed to remove several barriers on services delivered by Oslo municipality and Norsk helsenett (NHN).

See the Testfest website for more information (in Norwegian).

Conversion of a farming tractor to electric power, 2024

The market share for electric cars in Norway was over 90% December 2023, reducing the CO2 emissions. The farming sector is lagging behind with only few and quite expensive models on the market. This project will explore ways to re-use an old tractor for electric conversion.

Language service for Ukrainian refugees, 2022-

We would like to support Ukrainian refugees to Norway with the free use of Tingtun Termer. The tool makes it possible to translate texts from Norwegian to Ukrainian and other languages. Translations and the meaning of words are displayed on top of the original text to improve the reading flow. Note that the service is designed to ensure privacy and users will not be tracked.

The service can translate from Norwegian to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to Norwegian and can therefore be useful both for refuges and for those communicating with them. We use machine translations from eTranslation provided by the European Commission and lookup from the Norwegian dictionaries "Ordbøkene" and "Store norske Leksikon".

We are constantly working on improving the service and would like to get feedback if you encounter errors or have suggestions. Please use the feedback button in the service.

Click on Tingtun Termer for Ukrainian to start using the service.

Tilgjengelige Tilbakemeldinger (TiTi), 2020-2022

The TiTi project ("Tilgjengelige Tilbakemeldinger", accessible feedback) is co-funded by Nav, to explore what can motivate users to send feedback and propose ways to communicate with users to enable better co-creation of online services. To comply with the Web Accessibility Directive a feedback mechanism should allow users to report failures of the website.

The project is carried out in a collaboration with NR, Tingtun and Norwegian interest groups representing users with different capacities, using the digital services provided on

CareWell, 2020-2024

Cooperative Human Activity Recognition and Localization for Healthcare and Wellbeing.
University of Agder, Project owner

INSITU, 2019-2022

Emergency responders lack support to effectively share information and establish a common operational picture (COP), for reaching shared situational understanding of threats and incidents. The project will develop systematic support for enhanced situational understanding. The solution will provide a common map interface, integrating harmonisation of terminology and collaboration support for information sharing and synthesis. The enhanced COP will also support evaluation and learning from exercises and incidents.
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