With the growing amount of online content, search is increasingly crucial to deliver a good user experience on any website. Tingtun Search combines the capabilities of modern search engines with an innovative approach for custom content types. The service is cloud-enabled, has an intuitive user interface, and good performance.

Tingtun Search can be configured to search in selected types of content such as online forms, lists of frequently asked questions, or contact information. The service has all the features expected from a modern search engine including a fast auto-complete of as words are typed, and suggestions of alternative search phrases for results where no hits would be returned.

Tingtun Search is currently available in English and Norwegian.

Tingtun Search screenshot

Content types and filtering

Tingtun Search extends the capabilities of traditional web search by presenting content types relevant to your business in separate tabs. Supported content types are FAQ, contact information, forms, service descriptions, and calendar data.

Custom tailored for your needs

Tingtun Search can easily be tailored to your specific needs. This means implementing content types and filtering that are specific to the domain of your business.

Easy to monitor and configure

Tingtun Search informs your information architecture decisions and help you to understand your users’ needs by providing throughout analysis of search terms. Settings are available through the administration panel for getting most out of the service.



iLillesand uses Tingtun Search to combine content from a great variety of sources.

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Larvik kommune

With the use of Tingtun Search, Larvik kommune is able to offer citizens quick access to forms and contact information. A custom filter based on the LOS structure enables filtering in categories such as culture, health, or education.

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