Tingtun Termer

Improve reading flow and lookup relevance with Tingtun Termer. The service can access dictionaries directly from a text, works for PC, tablet and Smartphone and is accessible for all users. Dictionaries can cover specific areas like health, energy, law, or general language translations. Available terminologies cover more than 500 language combinations.

Tingtun Termer can add new sources of content from Web pages, PDF documents or with with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The tool is currently available in English, German and Norwegian.

Tingtun Termer screenshot

For authors - website owners

Your readers can get confused and diverted to other websites if they have to search the web for unfamiliar words. Make sure they find the right explanations and translations right there on your page. You can select which sources (glossaries or terminologies) to use on your site and on individual pages, for example for different articles, departments or domains. Sources can be imported or connected to the site to ensure that updated definitions are used at all times.

For readers

Quickly find translations or definitions from any online text. You can select from a range of dictionaries or create your own. Use Termer on your PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Easy to install and use

Tingtun Termer is designed to meet the European requirements, to protect personal data and provide accessibility for people with disabilities.

Example installations


The Norwegian collegium for fire safety terminology, (KBT, Kollegiet for brannfaglig terminologi) has used Termer since 2017 to generate links from terms used in the definition of a term to the definitions of other terms. See for example "backdraft" which is automatically linked to "ildkule" (fireball).

KBT website

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC)

With the use of Tingtun Termer, the users can quickly access the meaning of rescue terms used by different first responders including police, health, and fire. The service provide definitions from about 20 different sources to readers from web pages and PDF documents on the website. Smartphone users can install the Termer app to access the JRCC terminology resources.

Visit the JRCC

Mobility for all (MFA)

This installation shows how Termer can connect references to Norwegian legislation in Lovdata, and to European legislation in EUR-Lex, in addition to the selected glossaries.

Visit the MFA website (in Norwegian)