Accessibility Check

The checker services can help you to locate and remove barriers on webpages or in PDF-documents. In addition to the reports from the online checker tools we carry out manual evaluations of a selection of resources such as important webpages, templates for webpages or PDF-documents.

The results are presented in a concise report to enable you or your vendor to efficiently understand and address the located barriers. The report covers both a high level aggregation of results and observations, and hints for repair with detailed raw data for technical staff.

Tingtun Accessibilty Checker – Page Checker

Page Checker

Barriers on a single web page can be found with the Page Checker by analyzing the page content against tests derived from the WCAG 2.1 success criteria. The results for each test are pass, fail, or to be verified. The tests are carried out on the page after javascript and CSS has been applied.

Site Checker

The site checker will check a representative sample of the web pages of a site and compute a score. Reports include score development over time, in addition to analysis of frequent barriers. The page checker can be integrated on an third party website using an API, available upon request.

PDF Checker

The PDF Checker is based on the WCAG 2.0 PDF Techniques and will find most of the potential barriers in a PDF document. The documents can be specified as a URL or uploaded.


Webbtillgänglighetskollen (Sweden)

The WTKollen project is supported by the The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority to improve the checker and to extend the sets of accessibility tests to cover also tests from the Swedish web guidlines.

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European Internet Inclusion Initiative

The EIII Checker was developed as a part of the EIII project supported by the European Commission. These tools are used by website owners, vendors and users to check, repair and compare websites.

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Mada Web Accessibility Monitor for Qatar

The Tingtun Accessibility Checker has been used in Qatar to check a selection of government websites since 2013. The checks are carried out Monthly for Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center).

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